Popcorn Ceiling Removal In Apopka, FL

Popcorn ceilings were very famous before the 1970s. These ceilings are also known as stipple ceilings or acoustic ceilings. These are the ones in which tiny particles of vermiculite or polystyrene create a rough texture over which paint is done.

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Top Rated Pop Corn Ceiling Removal In Apopka, Florida

Earlier, these ceilings used to contain white asbestos which is harmful in various ways. After the banning of asbestos, Styrofoam started being used instead of asbestos. The problem is that popcorn ceilings still have many disadvantages. The only good thing which it has is that it reduces noise as its materials absorb noise. Most people find these ceilings unpleasant. Some do not like the texture as it becomes tough to clean. These accumulate dust particles and when you go to them, the “popcorns” start dropping which is even more irritating.

Are you living in Apopka? Do you also get annoyed with your popcorn ceilings? Don’t worry!  CFL Drywall Repair can make your ceiling clean and smooth within time. Then, you can enjoy the smooth texture. Guess what! You can, then, flaunt your stylish new ceiling to your neighbors.

If your home was made back in the 1970s, you might still have asbestos in your ceiling. In such cases, we need to check for asbestos, and only after that can we proceed with the work. Asbestos particles are harmful to our health causing a specific kind of cancer known as mesothelioma. So, we make sure that your ceiling is free of asbestos before we start the work.

We are certified for this work and therefore you can trust us. We will give our best to satisfy your needs.

Popcorn Ceiling Wall Removal

Steps Of Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Firstly, we need to prevent your things from being dirty. So, the furniture and other items in the room need to be covered with plastic and tape or cloth covering. It is better to also cover the walls and floors with plastic sheets to avoid mess.

Then, the process starts. Professionals get on their masks and safety glasses. They sprinkle water on the ceiling and then start scraping away the particles after some time.

After the scrapping is complete, the ceiling is made free of holes or other damage by using a joint compound and then sanding it.

Now, your ceiling is ready to be painted.

This is how popcorn ceilings are removed. It might seem easier but for clean, furnished, and safe work, you need experts. This is exactly what we at 123 drywall repair company provide you with. We have a team of well-trained professionals who will look after your work and give you the best results. We have standard equipment so there is no fear of any damage to the ceiling. After completion, you will get a smooth, sleek, and stylish ceiling. It will add to the charm and glamour of your house, for sure.

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We will repair any deformities in the ceiling before painting it. The final touch-up that will be the paint will be done perfectly. We will provide you with free estimates. You will get an idea about the process, your requirements, and the budget involved. We will surely complete the work within the time limit and won’t exceed the amount promised at the beginning.

We take the responsibility of keeping your things safe during the process. There will be no mess and all your materials will be as they were. Only, your ceiling will look marvelous.

There must be various questions in your mind. What will be the fees? How much time will be needed? Can you see a sample of our work and the final picture of the roof? All these questions will be answered by us when you consult us. We give you free estimates, remember! We are waiting for your call!


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