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Before new construction, you should consider several things before using orange peel texture. Although the texture of orange skin is quite difficult to match, it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Top Rated Orange Peel Knockdown In Apopka, Florida

As with any sprayed texture, the final outcome depends on many variables. The texture’s consistency, the air pressure, and the ambient temperature and humidity are major factors. Almost anything can go horribly wrong if the texture’s conditions are not recreated precisely. Although orange peel texture may be quick and easy to apply, concealing underlying imperfections is easier with other textures. Future options should factor in the ease of matching that type of texture. Most especially in high-traffic areas or those that undergo periodic updates and repairs.

Knock-down, however, is smoothed with a large flat knife just after being sprayed. Orange peel is thicker than knock-down and left to dry afterward. Knockdown spreads out over much of the surface in orange peel-sized globules of mud. The drywall is completely covered by an orange peel, where the underlying drywall cannot be seen. During the knockdown process, however, very small fragments of exposed drywall can be seen between the spraying drywall mud.

Builder Feeling Gaps

CFL Drywall Repair uses advanced techniques for orange peel knockdowns to give your wall a smooth finish. The techniques include:

Rigs For Spraying Texturing Materials

For the most challenging jobs, spray rigs are used by our technicians. It is necessary to use a large spray rig of 200 gallons or more when spraying orange peel in hotels, hospitals, and other large commercial buildings. A spray rig such as this normally comes with a trailer, with an air compressor and a gas-powered motor. It is powdered and stirred in a mortar mixer similar to how texture mud is prepared.

Sprayers With Portable Texture

Smaller projects that only require a few rooms can benefit from portable texture sprayers with tanks that hold between 5 and 10 gallons. Our collection of sprayers comes in several different sizes and motor configurations. Even if used as a supplement to a large spray rig, these sprayers are a good choice for professionals. When a small patch or project needs to be tackled, these smaller sprayers may be a better option than the larger trailer-mounted sprayers.

Handheld Spray Hoppers

Hoppers can be used by individuals to repair small areas by themselves. They require little skill to operate and are light and easy to use. Hence, it is hard to achieve the same texture effect with this sprayer, because it is gravity fed rather than pumped under pressure. with a hopper sprayer and very thin mud, our professionals have found success in spraying orange peel.

Using a Can To Spray Texture

knockdown or orange peel textures are painted using drywall texture spray cans. These drywall texture cans work just like common aerosol cans. It may be convenient to patch or repair small areas, but it is very difficult to replicate the original texture when using this method. If used, they should mainly be used for patching up small areas. Before placing the patch, we test it out on a scrap piece of drywall.

Soft Bristle Brush And Paint Stick

Our professionals often pull out their small air compressor and hopper when the time comes for matching the texture on drywall repairs. A soft bristle brush and a paint stick can be used to copy the orange peel texture if the patch is very small. The opposite of how a wet toothbrush work is to splatter water in the opposite direction just by pulling fingers across it. A thin, almost watery mud can also be splattered by an old-fashioned bristle brush on a drywall patch. However, the mud must be very thin in order for this to work. The bristles can then be pulled toward you, in a direction opposite from the patch, after dipping the brush in the mud using the stick. A mud-splattering action occurs when the bristles spring back into place.


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