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Things like discovering that your home has a new hole and plumbing leak can irritate any homeowner.

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Drywall repairing can be complicated for you but here at CFL Drywall Repair, we provide you with high-quality results. If you notice any imperfection in your voice then feel free to contact us.

Let me tell you what causes drywall damage

Plumbing Leaks

Water damage is one of the main causes of drywall damage which happens due to the plumbing leaks through the walls or ceilings. Your walls will be at risk of water damage if you haven’t done plumbing for a long time or if it wasn’t installed properly. This can even lead to health hazards. We are experts in this and can effectively repair your home. Once the repair is done your wall will have a fresh and bright look.

Poor installation

This is one of the most common reasons for the damaged drywall. The contractors who install the drive wall will mostly use fast running tape so that the drywall sheets together. The tape can begin to deteriorate over time which allows your walls to bow. There will be cracks if your wall bows too much which can cause maximum damage to your wall and will be noticeable very easily. Nail popping out is also an indication of a poor drywall installation.


This is also one of the common problems of having dents and holes in your drywall. events due to the furniture bumping against the wall too hard for your kids playing too rough or the door being blown open without a rubber stopper might be various reasons for holes on your drywall. If you have noticed the hole on your wall then don’t just avoid it make sure you get it pads or replaced as soon as possible. We will do this work and you will not have any complaints against us. It is our utmost duty to take care of all your problems regarding drywall repairing.

Hiring A Professional Is Way More Good and Effective

Noticing and ignoring is not what you need to do. Make sure you call professionals like us to repair and beautify your walls. Hiring us will benefit you only because we will ensure the damages are handled properly and it can prevent further damage which may be occurring in your near future. we are always there for you. You can contact us anytime and we’ll be there to help you out in all the possible ways.


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